About Hayes Craft

After matriculating at Durbanville High school in the boerewors belt, I opted to join the Elite Naval Dive Core and served my country for 2.5 years. Not making a commercial career from working with my hands underwater seemed like a possible job but not career. I then worked in the U.K for 4.5 years falling back on my joinery, carpentry and general building skills. In those years on the island I started with hayesCRAFT under the name JH Mastercraft. Building a good client base and doing just about any job flung my way – I managed to save up some Sterling and bought a complete set of Wadkin Bursgreen joinery machines. And those machines form the spine of hayesCRAFT. Having no tersier education and a operational workshop, we completed many jobs and work started rolling in. I then approached CETA to do my Trade Test in Joinery/Wood machining at the tender age of 29! ( I am currently trying to get exempted to do my Carpentry Trade Test Examination. My personal goal is to be a master-craftsman at woodwork. ) Being a joiner and having a legal co. I could now train staff with my expertise. After 5 years of making furniture, building decks, making doors, frames and many wood projects, I battled with the balance of seeing clients, doing drawings, manufacturing and doing the finances/books. Time was forever catching me and days become longer. ( Not that it isn’t the case these days, we just have more structure. ) I hung out at Mark du Plessis of Universal Timber co.  during lunch/tea breaks reading Ted Benson post and beam t.f books. The following week I’d order the book completed. Other information I just soaked up during this time at their impressive machining workshop. After plenty discussions with them about post and beam/Timber framing projects, coupled with my joinery workshop would be the only way forward for hayesCRAFT. At the stage of my decision to make the move towards t.f I retrenched all my staff and thought it a good idea to start fresh! I managed to employ my now foreman, Isaac Kwadingepi, who has a résumé second to none and the relationship between us is similar to that of a battery and torch…

Being given the unique opportunity to build with the man I admire the most in t.f in S.A, Keith Rudd, I realized that the dream is slowly starting to become a reality. Finishing off a ‘duplicate’ unit, back to back, at Tinstwalo Lodge in Hout Bay we at hayesCRAFT where proud and full of confidence to take up t.f challenges.

In Jan 2009 we completed a log lap river house cabin of app. 120 sq.m. as previously stated. We are so thrilled of finishing the project within 12 weeks that the celebrations have not stopped.

HayesCRAFT strictly builds according to the code of ethics, SANS 10082, T.F.B.A and NHBRC standards. That is the only way to ensure superior quality and longevity. ( If maintained and well looked after! )

The objective/goal of hayesCRAFT is to build dream homes with utmost craftsman precision and dedication. In doing so, I believe that in years to come we will be up there with the more well known t.f co’s. We strive to be proud of our handwork and learn through our mistakes and do our best to correct it.

HayesCRAFT has in doing so won silver building awards in 2008 and bronze awards in 2009 COUNTRYWIDE !