Project Higgovale

Some time ago we did this LogWall display surrounding fireplace. One of our clients friends made us go back and replace some of the decorative pieces that got “caught in the fire”….


Project Heyl (s)

High gloss PVC and Kiaat dresser and cupboards
white cupboard

Project Kretzmann

White Oak wine crate, stores 6 matured bottles for pleasurable drinking


Agave Surfboards

AGAVE surfboards  are ready for testing ! GET IN TOUCH with us !
Harvested, Machined and Laminated by hayesCRAFT. Shaped by Ian Armstrong
9 ‘ Longboard
7’6″ mini Malibu
7′ board
6′ Fun board
6’2″ Tow board…or “Kite board”




Project Harris

Bunk beds and workstation combo for the kids at ouma and oupa’s house. Solid Melunak and Ash with handpainted finishes. A kinda jungle gym…..



Sanbona Decking

Sanbona is situated deep in the cape mountains. The deck is made of very strong wood that is very durable. We designed it in a way that it blends in with the rugged surroundings.


4de Liefde Estate Project

This house was originally built by well-known timber framers in the Grabouw district. The owner of a pub in Wolseley advised the house owner, who resides in Holland, to contact me. The only way of communication was via email. Thank goodness technology helped me! On inspection at the site prior to quoting on the job, the mountains were snow capped and we were close to the snow! From the start I new it was going to be tough conditions braving the weather and contour.

A formal quote was drawn up and mailed to the client who replied promptly. Even the payments were made promptly during the project and all of the time he only received photos on the progress. It is nice to have clients like that!
Photo’s were taken on a daily bases, even a couple of home-video’s were made and emailed weekly to keep the client up to speed with our progress. He especially enjoyed the videos.

I was given a rough idea of what needed be done and drew up my own plan. It was to move a water tank and relocate it 15m to higher ground from the house. We did all the plumbing and casting of re-enforced concrete slab with stone masonry work around it. A pole structure was erected in a U-shape around the tank with jasmine planted to blend into the environment. Soil conditions proved to be fairly easy and were mostly clay. A square building on the parameters is always a bonus for any carpentry company. Our treated timber came from Cape Town. We did the collections ourselves, making sure that the correct and right amount of material be loaded to iron out any confusion when we are doing the work miles away.

Setting out such a small structure still needed be to the millimeter and level. Substructure was erected in no time only having to plant 4 poles. Walls were erected on site. The rafters for a sloped roof had to be put up as soon as we were at wall plate level. We had many bad weather days and had to try keeping the flow of work going. All in all the corrugated roofing, waterproof ply sheathing, Nutec cladding, internal pine ply lining and T&G pine flooring stained in a antique oak colour went well. Also I suggested we do a Balau deck for easy access in to store room, and that was added onto the job list. No more than 2 carpenters and 3 semi-skilled labourers were needed to finish off the project. I even offered to paint and do little renovation on the existing house and the client excepted gladly. ( Funny enough I made more money in a shorter time span painting the house! ) The electrical points were contracted out and a certificate was issued which I handed over.

There were no real hick-ups on the job. Weather played a major role. We had bitter cold nights and high winds during the daytime. But when the sun came out all of us were singing and smiling. It was an 8 km dirt road that wound up a mountain to the site. We had a local company clean the portable toilet.

Upon completion of the job we had a magnificent sunny day and celebrated another successful timber frame addition with meat and a couple of drinks.

I did the job in July ’09 and only met the client in December ’09! They were absolutely thrilled and cooked up a storm in order of appreciation. It’s times like these that a thank you from the bottom of their hearts makes all the difference to ones work!